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09 October 2008 @ 05:11 pm
ZoG interview about Precursors  
There is new interview on Russian language website Zone Of Games connected with "Precursors".

ZoG: Tell us plz about game universe. Where are we? And when are we?
DS: It’s complicated and early to give an answer. Game actions occur in some high-technology world. People are settled space and many planets already. All forms of human-like beings joined hands with each other and created the Empire. It seems nothing could be as threat to such balance, but there is no any eternity empire, as we know from history experience. Old lows and corruption makes Democratic Alliance to arise against Empire. Pirates and bandits get active as fast as situation in galaxy becomes unstable, so some planets didn’t avow Empire and DA authorities. Everything goes to the beginning of massive armed conflict.

ZoG: What is motivation of main hero?
DS: Our Hero is common representative of human-like Amarn race. He isn’t rush to be a hero and has no ideas to save the civilization. He’s thinking about hireling career. Main motivation of main hero is his curiosity and wish to repair his space ship.

ZoG: How many planets will be in the game and how many of them will we be able to visit?
DS: There will be multitude of planets in the game. Player will be able to visit 5 planets in first part of “Precursors”.

ZoG: What else, except usual spaceport, will we find on planets?
DS: Everything depends from certain planet. As usual it will be communities, towns, military bases, caves, jails, etc. There is various flora and fauna too; some representatives of those are not always harmless, watch out.

ZoG: Tell us about vehicles in game?
DS: There are many kinds of land vehicles in the game – light baggie, tricycles, heavy trucks and antiaircraft defence systems. There are also Human-like Robots in the game, so players shouldn’t walk a lot in game.

ZoG: Does vehicles equipped with trunk? Can player set weapon on his vehicle?
DS: Yes, there is trunk in the vehicle. Except main function, any vehicle is practical method to transport of cargos from one point to another. For instance from raider’s base to some shop.
Most of vehicles have mounted weapon, player can’t any equipment on land vehicles.

to be continued...
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