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15 September 2008 @ 03:56 pm
Zog interview about WG.  
 Hi, everyone!!!!

 I have new Russian interview about WG.  Zone of Games took the interview from Deep Shadows.
I know that all information is familiar to you allready. If you want to fresh some facts about the game in your mind - To read interview on Russian

"Working over Ukrainian action-game “White Gold: War in Paradise” (Going to be released on CIS territory as “Xenus II”) is taking the finish line.

Zone of games has a conversation with Deep Shadows:

ZoG: Where the fate takes us at this time?

DS: Soul Mayers will appear on Caribean basin islands. That’s make sense as LatinAmerican flavor will stay in WG.

ZoG: For what we will fight in new part of the game? We looked for the Mayers’ daughter playing original game, what will be aim for us at this time?

DS: Soul Mayers will be attracted by interesting tasks as specialist of operations in Latin America. Untraditianal cocaine being exported from Caribbean islands. Everyone who take it in, just die then. Soul must take all things over with this case.

ZoG: Will we be available to see PC and Xbox 360 versions of game simultaneously? And please tell use correct release date.

DS: Game release is planed on Autumn, unfortunately I can’t say more exact information. Regarding Xbox 360 version – it’s gone be released later then PC one. All this connected with porting peculiarities on platform for such big project as White Gold: War in Paradise."

All questions and opinions leave in comments please.

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